Thursday, November 8, 2012

         Multan is a city of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city of Multan is located in Southern Punjab. The closest major city is D.G.Khan and Bahawalpur. The area is ideal for agriculture, with many citrus and mango farms. It is Pakistan's 3rd largest city by area and its 5th largest by population. It is about 565 km from the capital Islamabad, 347 km from Lahore, and 934 km from Karachi. Multan has a population of 3.1 million.The city is located on the bank of the Chenab River.180px-Pakistan - Multan
          Multan is known as the City of Sufis or City of Saints and Madinat-ul-Auliyah because of the large number of shrines of Sufi saints from the city. The city has no of bazaars, mosques, shrines and ornate tombs. It is the birthplace of Punjabi language poet Fariduddin Ganjshakar popularly known as Baba Fareed.
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