Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The negative role of media

The negative Role of media in Pakistan:
Media is very important in today global world. We cannot deny that media is playing a very important role in all countries, including small countries of world. It is as important today is clothes and shelter. The hard media is source of information from long time, but today world is changing needs are changing, people are moving from big houses to flats. Same way media need is now changing. Hard print media is no more as affective as before, the place is taken by electronic media.
The benefit of media is not measurable; the unlimited need of media is now making it very important. Every person of world wants to know what’s happening in other parts of world, and it is only possible with this electronic media. Today I will not talk about the benefits of media but about of dark side of today electronic media. I am sharing to you with the negative side of a third world country Pakistan. My side of research is only related with electronic media.

The negative role of Pakistani media:

Today there is an uncontrolled electronic media in Pakistan. My previous statement didn’t mean that there is no regulatory body but it only means that the body present for regulation of that media is Pemra is not affective as it needs to be. There are a large number of channels that are online from Pakistan the channels include a large number of channels including Geo group, Ajj Group, Express Group, and many other. The slogan of independent media is leading to a black mailer media.  You can easily feel that if you ever give time to the programs of these media.
There is open violation of violence rules in these media on the name of live coverage. You can watch easily that after bomb blast they broadcast it live. The dead body doesn’t show anything except causing a large depression to the people. This strategy was seen good enough to attract people but with time people don’t like it and they left watching that kind of news. These channels feel that now they adopted a worse way of getting publicity.
Recently an incident happened in the country. That was murder of Governor Punjab Suleman Taseer. The blame was that he said “the law of blossomy is a black law”. No body interprets what it means and what he want to say, but everybody have an idea he said. What media did in that case? They given coverage to that statement for a long time, and repeated it again and again just to attract audience and publicity. What was the result? It was a great sensitive matter, and people of Pakistan have great love for the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H). That repeatedly news given people a concept that he is against law of blossomy and people got hatred against him, as a result a person killed him.
The worse side I told you of that media that are not limit of that, you will feel that they are included in every matter of sensitivity and not conveying what the reality is. As a result this miss guided information is creating a lot of problems for that country.  I am not again freedom of media but media must take in care what there news is going to be in result, is the life of any body is in danger? Or is it just creating hate in people? Or is it is just providing information? If information is purpose and only it is spreading then media is good otherwise we can say that we must have to make important changes to that media.
I am not giving any conclusion about that media you people can extract whatever you want. And tell me about your thinking by comments.

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