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The Keyboard love! (love on internet)

Well of course this article is not about keyboard or keyboard lover; it is about real love of human being on internet. In the last decade this type of love increased to the large extent. May be it is due to easy availability of internet access or strong social networking. Another reason of that may be is that people don’t have time for real conversation and real time activities so that’s why they are moving toward the internet social networking which create a way of affection between them.  A fantasy dream love in ink is now an immediate kisses behind the tub. What ever the reason is but it is true that most of people are now engage in that kind of feeling which they call love. If this is love this must be included in types of love, if it exists there.
The purpose of this article is to understand that really some thing like that exists on this planet and is nature support that kind of love. The way is not typically commentary on that love, but we will watch them in review and comments of people about what they think and what happens to them, all those who fall in that kind of love.
Some reviews are carefully selected to discuss and to find what is that love. This include of a negative happening and positive view and a neutral view. Let’s read these reviews first.
Jhoodice says:
Just work on yourself 1st, reads like you are going through a time and tribulation right now (WAITING TO EXHALE), take it easy relax. Seek your inner self 1st. Then move forward, at 1st it's going to seem hard, but keep going on you will get it eventually. Stop seeking LOVE on the internet, seek friendship, guidance/advice, these are the tools you will need to reset your LIFE. Don't look for LOVE TRUST me it's going to fall right in your lap
Jace_st noted that:
Met this guy last year in May and he said he's a Brazilian working in Scotland. I knew him via Skype. We got close and not long after that, I fell for him. Then things began to twirl around and he asked me to do him some favors’ for his business. Helplessly in love as I was, I did not question much and helped him. Little did I know, I was about to get swindled. I lost a lot of money and to make things worst, the money I got for him was borrowed from a money lender. He promised to pay every single cent I borrowed, and I trusted him. It had been more than a year now, I had been paying the interest of the money I loaned and it took all of my hard earned salary. I had not heard from him since December and he just left. I was so heart broken and my life turned into a great nightmare. I have no money to pay for anything, my car, and my bills. I was literally bankrupt. This was all due to the man whom I thought I could trust. I never felt so betrayed in my life, I never felt so foolish. Just because I fell in love with the wrong man and my life now turned upside down. Life is very hard for me now. I can't even afford to buy decent food. At 33, I thought my life should be toward the better, but I was wrong. Somehow, my life is going through a terrible test. I had been keeping this in my heart and been crying a lot. Each day, I asked God, why me? But I know, there is worst scenario than mine and somehow, I am glad I am strong enough to go through it. Oh yeah, I am threading the huge waves now and to be honest, I don't know till when can I keep myself from drowning.
I am writing this to give precautions to anyone out there. Be careful. Sometimes, there are people who care less about our life and they just want to crush it to pieces.
I am still alone now, and to be honest, am afraid to start any relationship as I am having such great problems in my life now. I just don't think there would be anyone who wanted to be involved with a troubled woman like me. Anyway, I am feeling so relieved, for being able to get this out of my chest.
Snoopy_q has written that:
Internet LOVE is real in the sense that you probably do love that person. What is NOT real is the PERSON that you are in love with. You are only seeing sides of that person that they are choosing to share with you. You can not truly know someone that you have never been in the presence of, and therefore your love is based on limited knowledge of this person.

I do think that it is like a habit. I think that these types of relationships are great for filling voids in our lives. But the longer you are involved in a long distance relationship that will never come to fruition, the less chance you have to actually meet a real life companion. Better to keep online relationships as a friendship and encourage each other to get out and meet people.

You need to be realistic. The only way it can possibly work out is if you can be together. You can't sustain a long distance online relationship for the rest of your life
The above was the three different reviews about love on keyboard!
Jhoodice said that don’t look for love and believe her that your love will fall in your lap. Not a bad thing love is not a thing that you can produce it by your self. They say it’s a God gift for people. According to me and my last post that is not true God give to those who care and struggle for themselves and for others. To be very honest you can create affection by your struggle to any one. That I told in my last article about affection that is first stage of love according to me.
Jace_st experience is very horrible she is not in favor of internet love and she experienced it before that it only bring upsets in live and she is still alone. She believes that if there is some thing like that then she must not be alone. She stops one to don’t fall in it. Snoopy_q say that you probably do love that person. He is in favor of that kind of love, but he is not sure for that because his word “probably” gives impression of negativity that some where hides behind his keyboard typing.  He further stated that you love but he also mentioned that you don’t love the other person, so to whom you love? He tried to justify his word by saying that you love the side of person to whom you know mean that the side which he shows you. So that really important that to know what he is showing you and that is not an easy job. He said that that long distance relationship has very less chances to meet in real. This is may be because of the fact that hundred of obstacles are there in the way. He advised you that love only if you seem that you can meet in real.
So the three different views didn’t support the type of love that is internet love. We don’t find any proper justification of that kind of love. There are a lot of ambiguities about what they said. We don’t know that to whom we are talking and which side of his life he is showing us. That is the real problem. Expressions speak louder then words. That quotation is exactly what is missing. The expressions are only thing missing in that kind of love. You don’t see what other one is expressing while he is typing.
You will found thousand of scam love stories on net. Nothing exists, there in multiple stories of those types. Most of these stories have nothing but the bad memories. You will found promises and promises but nothing of actions. Still there is an important factor exist that is called affection. Affection can be created behind the screen. That is the only reason of some successful stories of that kind of love. If real true affection created and struggle included then it may possible that you achieve that love. Otherwise no one can guarantee you that you will not hurt.
In this fast moving world internet socialization is not a bad thing. Every one doesn’t have time for real activities that is the strongest argument I found I found in support of that kind of activities. That doesn’t justify the love of internet. Must consider saying of Jhoodice “Stop seeking LOVE on the internet, seek friendship, guidance/advice, these are the tools you will need to reset your LIFE”. So go for socialization not for most important decision of your life that crushes your heart and your feelings. Be realistic and don’t run behind the thing which have only very little chances of occurrence.  Men are not a machine so try to find out time for yourself from your life. Live in real world of feeling. Don’t make yourself a machine of work.

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