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Idea Making and How I Make Articles

Idea Making and How I Make Articles

Wikipedia define idea as “In the most narrow sense, an idea is just whatever is before the mind when one thinks”. So for starting any thing you need an idea. Idea worth more then content one has in his or her work. The line of idea is all what you have behind your mind. The idea consists of the theme of you content that are going for. For example if you want to make a house, you need an idea that what kind of? Where to build it? And which material you will use? In this example “make and house is an idea” and rest is content. It is narrowest example of idea in construction field. You can enlarge it by adding that “I want to build a house with modern construction methods”.
Idea is what you have behind the mind, it’s not important that you have every thing behind your mind, one need to build idea. It may build by using different techniques. You can develop idea by research or by practical participation in new fields of life that are new for you. It is foundation of any project.
Writing is making sense of life. You work your whole life and perhaps you've made sense of one small area.” Said “ Nadine Gordimer quotesso for writing article it is most important that one have idea that what kind of article he write. There are certain ideas and ways for writing an article.
First you think about what are yours activates in your life. You know a lot about your activates that you have in your life. After successful implementation of them in your life you, you can give a good introduction of that thing. More over you know what are the plus and minus of that activity. And you can compare that with other kind of similar activities. You can also add some review of other person that what they think about that specific activity. In last must give your own conclusion.
Then you can write about your education field, which you learned in your life for that specific field of study. Write about all aspects of that education. You tell people why to get enter in that field and more over you can mention the institutes of that education that best provide classes fro that specific field of study.
Well profession, the most important thing in once live after education.  You can write about that, which job are you in and what kind of job is that. You can also share your experiences in that job and more over you can tell people about the behaviour of specific industry in which you are working in. You may mention that what type of difficulties and competition one will face in that specific field of job.
The first three are the things most have in his life’s you can further go with you self experiences of life. Or you can search you the hidden talent of you mind. That every person has in his life but most of them die with keeping it in there mind. Try to explorer that thing that what is hidden in your life.
Dreams of life are other thing on which every person can write. There are hardly one person in this world who may don’t have any dream, all other have some dreams in there life so you can share your dreams in life.
You can write about your family life and partner. Partner is also an important person in life you know him much then other person because of live constant stays with him or her.

How I make an article.

Now this section are for those who still didn’t taken there pen and still thinking how to write an article. A famous quotation is “after fifteen year I know that I am not writer but I still write because people love me”. He written for fifteen years and after that he realizes that he is not a writer. Well but he didn’t left writing because he feel that people like him.  So it’s not important for a person to write if only he is a writer. Every one can write and people may love your writing. Writing is an expression of expressing yourself. So many will like the way you express yourself, some people may don’t like it but it don’t make difference. Continue your writing and one day they will like your writing to because at that time you become a good writing by experiences. No one take the knowledge of writing from lap of mother, and more over it is not a God gifted thing. Your continuous writing makes you a good writer.
How I write, I like to tell you my personal way of writing even I am not a writer to. First I search different websites and different books for getting idea that what to write about. I read articles of different people and try to check what is missing in that article and I try to write mostly about that missing point. Some time I like the article as whole but I don’t like the way it is written it may be difficult for readers or the statistics used are not good enough so I write that article with different parameters.

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