Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seal Beach is located in California. Its population is about 25000. It is on the west most corner of Orange country. Before that it was known as Bay City. In Nineteen Hundred and fifteen it was named as Seal Beach. It was constructed during the Second World War. It was source of munitions for the most of US fleets.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Annie Le was a 24 year old girl, belongs to America. She was born on 3rd July, 1985. She was student at the Yale School of Medicines Department of Pharmacology. She was a brilliant student and earned One hundred and sixty thousand dollars as scholarship. She was born in Placer ville California. She belongs to American Vietnamese family.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Earn IMVU free credits:
If you created a login to IMVU then you need tons of credits, for buying clothes, houses, music and much more. It’s all about credits. You need credits on every stage for everything. IMVU is UN enjoyable without credits. So u needs credits for that.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

After 2010 now again Eyjafjallajokull volcano is flinging ash, smoke and stream, miles into the air. It again ground the European flights. The main airport of the country is closed. The scientist is agreed upon that another aviation shutdown is

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Conan the Barbarian is a fictional character. In American fantasy he is a hero and iconic figure and a very famous barbarian in the fictions. Conan is creation of Texan writer Robber E Howard in 1932 by a series of fantasy stories. This story was sold to Weird Tales magazine. After that this character appears in The character has since appeared in

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Conan the Barbarian is directed by Marcus Nispel. This 3D movie will release on August 19, 2011. It was first tilled as Conan 3D. The movie is about the famous character Conan created by Robert E Howard. It is separate from the earlier 1980 Arnold films. The leading actor is Jason Momoa, and support by Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang and other.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

If a device loose, the major loss is your valuables like your personal data emails contacts and so on. Photo Rescue is app that will give your photo back to you. It provides a very simple and secure way to get your photo back from iOS device. Photo Rescue reads the backup stored locally on your computer to retrieve photos and export them in their original format to a new location.

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Days pass by, time runs and the wheel of life takes the turn. When we are born and naturally till we grow up we are inspired by many things like I clearly remember when I was four or five years old I wanted to be a pilot when I turned eight I got inspired by the cartoons tom and jerry and I wanted to be a cartoon. When I was fourteen I wanted to be a model but now when I am eighteen though I have made my aim to be a journalist but I am highly inspired by Pakistan army which consists of our dear soldiers which later turn to be martyrs

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PhotoForge 2, is an application for iPhone and iPad, there are a lot of new features to the old orignal app, so it is an update with new UI. It is much faster and support export option for the professional editing to the iPhone. Photo forge is availabele in app store today for only

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Mary hart, she was born on 8th of November 1950 in Madison South Dakota. She is an American National and was working as host on television channels. She was hosting a gossip and entertainment round up program named Entertainment Tonight, since last 29 years.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you want pizza from your mobile? Order it now through new app of pizza hut. It’s available for free in Android Market. You can order pizza through a full menu with quick and easy checkout either using their account as well as a guest. If you have account you can access you most recent orders.

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HTC EVO 3D is now on the tough of every one, and there is when question when it will release? The roughly launch date is fourth of June. We can’t vouch for the source, and we know that the release dates are subject to change, but still there is a rough date, that is fourth of June. So let’s wait and see if it release on four of June and not, not much wait.

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Do you want a manual update for your Samsung Nexus S? Here is manual update for Android 2.3.4. We have OTA link for users and instruction guide for the manual update, Remember that this link is from Google and work only with stock device.

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Best buy announces its Wi-Fi-only version of the HTC Flyer Android tablet. It will available on 22 May 2011. The pre order price will be dollar 499. It will be available on all Best Buy mobile stores, with What about the Flyer itself?

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Did you hear about the Sony Ericsson worldwide review contest? Sony is holding an exciting completion for its two new devices that are near to launch. Anyone can participate in this contest around the world. So try it, it’s easy to contribute in the contest.

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Apple Insider reported that China Mobile exposed on Thursday, That China mobile is in agreement with apple to support fourth regeneration TD LTE data network., It didn’t provided any detail for 4G iPhone.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today linkeln shares reached 92.99 dollars at its highest value. LinkedIn shares skyrocketed more than 80% to trade at about $86 a share, and at a high of $92.99 a share, LinkedIn launchedd for public on thursday.

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The song was not liked by people in the begining but video is awesome, so it may possible that people forget about the first experience of song.

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Do you want Android on you iPhone 4 and 3Gs? The last success full update was on 3G but people with A4 processer’s
Do you want a timer in you iPhone camera. Soon a new app will available In Cydia store Named PictureMe. This tweak will bring rapid shot and timer to iPhone’s camera app.
Motorola Droid x2 goes live on tonight. It’s ready for your order. Price is One hundred and ninety nine dollars,

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In Apple App Store new yahoo messenger is available for free. This newer version of messenger introduced the official support for iPad with specific functionalities for iPad2.

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After the successful launch of thunderbolt and Samsung Droid Charge, Now Verizon’s are launching Xperia Play.
Did you updated your Samsung Galaxy Indulge? Here is about whats new in this update.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi fans, you all know that Facebook does not have any dislike button till now. So if u found any dislike button it’s a scam, as there is nothing like that in reality on Facebook.

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Cydia tweak brings the first time in iOS history real face recognition technology. The app is called RecognizeMe. No more need of you pass code for looking screen,

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The gang of the Tree Hill will come back for its Ninth season; CW show has been picked up another season of 13 episodes

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The most popular site among the social networks and second world site after Google is Face book. It’s not a web of one country, two, or three, now its web of all countries of world. Now it’s not a web but addiction and part of life. In this fast running world when people don’t have time for the physical social activates these kind of networks help them to communicate with society

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The most popular site among the social networks and second world site after Google is Face book. It’s not a web of one country, two, or three, now its web of all countries of world. Now it’s not a web but addiction and part of life. In this fast running world when people don’t have time for the physical social activates these kind of networks help them to communicate with society

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Of course iOS 5 firmware will bring more new features. Every new iOS is loaded by the new features. Limera1n launched a video in which they told how simple it is when Apple implements

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The video is below for you to see which one is better for your use. What I got is that iPhone 4 is better you can differ from me and tell me if you found any point in which Galaxy taken lead for iPhone.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grape seed extracts are made by industries from grape seeds, only difference is that it has great concentration of Vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleum acid, and OPCx. It is chemically known as ply phenols, including oligomeric Pranthocyanidins, recognized as antioxidants.

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The reality television program the real Housewives of New Jersey telecast on Bravo network, this is about five house women of upscale communities in Northern New Jersey. The coming will be the fourth production of the network.
He belongs to Bosnia Herzegovina. His father name is Croatian and mother name is Sevian. He is the age of 19 years. His mother is Serbian and father belongs to Croatia. He moved to Australia when he was eight year old. He is known for his androgyny.

Monday, May 16, 2011

She born on sixteen may nineteen sixty six. Her birth place was Indiana United States. Her real name was Janet Damita Jo Jackson. She got nickname of Dunk or J and sometime JJ.

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Well about a week left for the twenty first of many so called Judgment day,

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Well about a week left for the twenty first of many so called Judgment day, claim that world this day second Jesus will come. There is a great earthquake prediction and learning the end time of Apocalypse. So this rumor is that it will come on Saturday may 21 2011. That is only seven day away.

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They are an American hip hop group from California. The group is formed by Death Row artist Big Wee and Dirold Potts. They are very well known for their singing.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are you an iPad 2 user? There is good news for all of iPad 2 users. P0sixninja a known hacker on chronic dev team says to release jail brake of iPad2 in some of the upcoming days.

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This is the TibiaMe mobile gamer guide video

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As stated by Patently Apple, Apple is succeeded to submit a patent application. This application allows users to translate text to speech and speech to text.

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Well readers you are hearing rumors of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S till yet, who knows what will be the next version of iPhone but here is new thing in market, iPhone 4 with 64 Gb storage.

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The rumors of iPhone 5 still not end. Well honestly now I am thinking that it will never end. Please Apple gives it end by launching new one.

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With the time technology is occupying physical things. In this revolution mobiles manufacturer are not behind any one, and so on the mobile apps developers are also there.

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This app is a simple and easy way to capture your picture and share it with the rest of world. Now capture your important moments of life, take pictures and convert it into videos easily. This app is free of cost.

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Sarah Kate Silverman was born on first of December 1970, she is an American citizen. By profession she is a comedian, writer, actress, singer and musician. Her friend call him Big S.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Over the last year there was no camera device which taken more pictures then the iPhone 4 camera device. This is one of the favorite cameras for many users because of its portability with mobile and good picture quality

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Apple is a customer oriented company. It always has commitments to social and not to be the different from the problems of its customers. In this regard apple decided to repair free of cost all the devices that were damaged in the recent earthquake of Japan. This is an appreciating act by apple authorities. It include all devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

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We now that the upcoming generation of Apple Inc (iPhone) will be iPhone 4S not iPhone 5 as said by "industry checks" by Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.” Business Insider reported. Misek putted a noted and said “it will include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support."

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Muddy waters of Mississippi River continue to rise, the more densely Populated communities along the Mississippi Delta have been garnering much of the attention. Hundreds of people are already out of houses. More than sixteen casinos are shuttled down and are badly affecting the economy of the area.

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He born on June 23 1982, he was a Canadian ice hockey Player. He play for candian team on the left winger played for the

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App store hits a new app for Photoshop touch for iPad

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Apple new wifi connectivity problem with iOS 4.3.3

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Right now you can see a new con on Facebook. It involve many person related to you. It’s about Release of iPhone 5. The technique it use to work is ” A friend of yours commented on an article,

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Save your iPhone data to DropBox Backup your IOS (Cydia)

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Well these new leaks of parts of iPhone one can easily guess that this iPhone will launch in black and white color both. Experts are also agreeing with this and logics say yes to it. say Iphone 5

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The death of Diana, was shocking news for everyone, Keith Allen’s new documentary movie is about the facts of death of Diana, The Princes of Wales, Dodi Fayed and there driver, Henri Paul, is set to cause outrage by showing a shocking photograph of the late royal moments after the car crash in France which claimed her life.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He was an English dramstist and writer. The author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy is know for his writings. He started his live as comedy for British Broad Casting in 1978.

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You can now track you iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using this new app Foot prints. This application is working on the tracking system in which you can track you friends and share your location automatically in real time. It also provide facility to check where your facebook friends are. Footprints is installed on the device you wish to track and said device is then easily spied upon using another iOS device.

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Tucano press relaease in the Morning:
Nothing to say against the Smart Cover Apple, but for those looking for more than a coprischermo,
With an exciting career in entertainment in the entertainment industry with the best selling resume of the author. Also a comedian, talk show host, and actress. Chelsea is a permanent fixture in pop culture; she continues to build a multiplatform media empire. In July 2007, Chelsea broke into the world of late-night talk shows with her E! Entertainment series, “Chelsea Lately,” airing weeknights at 11:00 p.m.
Today PHP Fog is launched to the public, to help PHP developers deeply and scale their applications in the cloud. After the first round rising Dollar 1.8 million Madrona followed on by First Round, Founders Co-Op and others. PHP Fog was first time launch in private beta in December and now is available for all of the public for use.
YouTube darlings Pomplamoose recently covered the theme song of popular game, Angry Birds, and I think the question on everyone’s lips is: Why didn’t this happen sooner?
You can speed up your iPhone, by removing IOS animations with a free tweak available called speed intensifier, on Cydia. These animations are in every action of your iPhone even if you are opening a folder or window they are present.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to be live separates life after twenty five years of their marriage. Both of then released a statement saying after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. At this time, we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Korean Telecom (KT) has launch new solution for iPhone 4s lack of 4G data. They announced a new egg sleeve which will bring WiMAX to iPhone 4 and slot in a new extra battery. This extra battery will let the iPhone 4 use five extra hours of iPhone surfing
Hey wana change your iPhone batter Strength bars with numbers. This tutorial will tell you how to do this, and easily switch between bars and numbers.
A new game launched in which u hunt and kill Osama can bin Laden. This game is launched in less than a week of the operation of in which Al-Qaida Leader Osama bin died. This game is called Osama 2011 (Kuma War 2).
Written By Imran Khan
Monday, May 09, 2011
Today the Pakistani state — that is its government and security structures - stands exposed as never before in front of its own people as well as the world. Never before, since 1971, has the Pakistani nation felt so defenceless and so full of anger and shame.
What an update, Tehran Intelligence Minister MR Heidar Moslehi has that they have very solid proof that the chief of Al Qaeda Osama bin laden Died with a desease years ago
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has bought a new amazing five-bedroom, five-bath house in Menlo Park. This beautiful house cost is 7.0 million dollars, as noted by Mercury News. Check out Zuckerberg's new house photos after the jump.

The first Picture is Over all building picture taken by google earth

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Apple is introducing a gold iPod 2. This product will consist of 24ct Gold, and will be produced in limited amount. It will represent an ultimate in luxury world. 250 IPod of the same kind will produce in one year and each will be market with its own unique edition number.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

After the special operation in Abbottabad, US recovered some hard drives form the house, and Pentagon is released five of the videos. These videos do not have voice.

After the special operation in Abbottabad, US recovered some hard drives form the house, and Pentagon is released five of the videos. These videos do not have voice.
Osama bin Laden lived 5 year in abbottabad city.
Osama bin Laden live in a small village Chak Shan Mohammad Haripur, for about two and half year. That statement is given by Osama bin Laden Yamani wife Amal whos is about 29 year old. Stated by Dawn News

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Idea Making and How I Make Articles

Idea Making and How I Make Articles

Wikipedia define idea as “In the most narrow sense, an idea is just whatever is before the mind when one thinks”. So for starting any thing you need an idea. Idea worth more then content one has in his or her work. The line of idea is all what you have behind your mind. The idea consists of the theme of you content that are going for. For example if you want to make a house, you need an idea that what kind of? Where to build it? And which material you will use? In this example “make and house is an idea” and rest is content. It is narrowest example of idea in construction field. You can enlarge it by adding that “I want to build a house with modern construction methods”.
Idea is what you have behind the mind, it’s not important that you have every thing behind your mind, one need to build idea. It may build by using different techniques. You can develop idea by research or by practical participation in new fields of life that are new for you. It is foundation of any project.
Writing is making sense of life. You work your whole life and perhaps you've made sense of one small area.” Said “ Nadine Gordimer quotesso for writing article it is most important that one have idea that what kind of article he write. There are certain ideas and ways for writing an article.
First you think about what are yours activates in your life. You know a lot about your activates that you have in your life. After successful implementation of them in your life you, you can give a good introduction of that thing. More over you know what are the plus and minus of that activity. And you can compare that with other kind of similar activities. You can also add some review of other person that what they think about that specific activity. In last must give your own conclusion.
Then you can write about your education field, which you learned in your life for that specific field of study. Write about all aspects of that education. You tell people why to get enter in that field and more over you can mention the institutes of that education that best provide classes fro that specific field of study.
Well profession, the most important thing in once live after education.  You can write about that, which job are you in and what kind of job is that. You can also share your experiences in that job and more over you can tell people about the behaviour of specific industry in which you are working in. You may mention that what type of difficulties and competition one will face in that specific field of job.
The first three are the things most have in his life’s you can further go with you self experiences of life. Or you can search you the hidden talent of you mind. That every person has in his life but most of them die with keeping it in there mind. Try to explorer that thing that what is hidden in your life.
Dreams of life are other thing on which every person can write. There are hardly one person in this world who may don’t have any dream, all other have some dreams in there life so you can share your dreams in life.
You can write about your family life and partner. Partner is also an important person in life you know him much then other person because of live constant stays with him or her.

How I make an article.

Now this section are for those who still didn’t taken there pen and still thinking how to write an article. A famous quotation is “after fifteen year I know that I am not writer but I still write because people love me”. He written for fifteen years and after that he realizes that he is not a writer. Well but he didn’t left writing because he feel that people like him.  So it’s not important for a person to write if only he is a writer. Every one can write and people may love your writing. Writing is an expression of expressing yourself. So many will like the way you express yourself, some people may don’t like it but it don’t make difference. Continue your writing and one day they will like your writing to because at that time you become a good writing by experiences. No one take the knowledge of writing from lap of mother, and more over it is not a God gifted thing. Your continuous writing makes you a good writer.
How I write, I like to tell you my personal way of writing even I am not a writer to. First I search different websites and different books for getting idea that what to write about. I read articles of different people and try to check what is missing in that article and I try to write mostly about that missing point. Some time I like the article as whole but I don’t like the way it is written it may be difficult for readers or the statistics used are not good enough so I write that article with different parameters.

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The negative role of media

The negative Role of media in Pakistan:
Media is very important in today global world. We cannot deny that media is playing a very important role in all countries, including small countries of world. It is as important today is clothes and shelter. The hard media is source of information from long time, but today world is changing needs are changing, people are moving from big houses to flats. Same way media need is now changing. Hard print media is no more as affective as before, the place is taken by electronic media.
The benefit of media is not measurable; the unlimited need of media is now making it very important. Every person of world wants to know what’s happening in other parts of world, and it is only possible with this electronic media. Today I will not talk about the benefits of media but about of dark side of today electronic media. I am sharing to you with the negative side of a third world country Pakistan. My side of research is only related with electronic media.

The negative role of Pakistani media:

Today there is an uncontrolled electronic media in Pakistan. My previous statement didn’t mean that there is no regulatory body but it only means that the body present for regulation of that media is Pemra is not affective as it needs to be. There are a large number of channels that are online from Pakistan the channels include a large number of channels including Geo group, Ajj Group, Express Group, and many other. The slogan of independent media is leading to a black mailer media.  You can easily feel that if you ever give time to the programs of these media.
There is open violation of violence rules in these media on the name of live coverage. You can watch easily that after bomb blast they broadcast it live. The dead body doesn’t show anything except causing a large depression to the people. This strategy was seen good enough to attract people but with time people don’t like it and they left watching that kind of news. These channels feel that now they adopted a worse way of getting publicity.
Recently an incident happened in the country. That was murder of Governor Punjab Suleman Taseer. The blame was that he said “the law of blossomy is a black law”. No body interprets what it means and what he want to say, but everybody have an idea he said. What media did in that case? They given coverage to that statement for a long time, and repeated it again and again just to attract audience and publicity. What was the result? It was a great sensitive matter, and people of Pakistan have great love for the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H). That repeatedly news given people a concept that he is against law of blossomy and people got hatred against him, as a result a person killed him.
The worse side I told you of that media that are not limit of that, you will feel that they are included in every matter of sensitivity and not conveying what the reality is. As a result this miss guided information is creating a lot of problems for that country.  I am not again freedom of media but media must take in care what there news is going to be in result, is the life of any body is in danger? Or is it just creating hate in people? Or is it is just providing information? If information is purpose and only it is spreading then media is good otherwise we can say that we must have to make important changes to that media.
I am not giving any conclusion about that media you people can extract whatever you want. And tell me about your thinking by comments.

The Keyboard love! (love on internet)

Well of course this article is not about keyboard or keyboard lover; it is about real love of human being on internet. In the last decade this type of love increased to the large extent. May be it is due to easy availability of internet access or strong social networking. Another reason of that may be is that people don’t have time for real conversation and real time activities so that’s why they are moving toward the internet social networking which create a way of affection between them.  A fantasy dream love in ink is now an immediate kisses behind the tub. What ever the reason is but it is true that most of people are now engage in that kind of feeling which they call love. If this is love this must be included in types of love, if it exists there.
The purpose of this article is to understand that really some thing like that exists on this planet and is nature support that kind of love. The way is not typically commentary on that love, but we will watch them in review and comments of people about what they think and what happens to them, all those who fall in that kind of love.
Some reviews are carefully selected to discuss and to find what is that love. This include of a negative happening and positive view and a neutral view. Let’s read these reviews first.
Jhoodice says:
Just work on yourself 1st, reads like you are going through a time and tribulation right now (WAITING TO EXHALE), take it easy relax. Seek your inner self 1st. Then move forward, at 1st it's going to seem hard, but keep going on you will get it eventually. Stop seeking LOVE on the internet, seek friendship, guidance/advice, these are the tools you will need to reset your LIFE. Don't look for LOVE TRUST me it's going to fall right in your lap
Jace_st noted that:
Met this guy last year in May and he said he's a Brazilian working in Scotland. I knew him via Skype. We got close and not long after that, I fell for him. Then things began to twirl around and he asked me to do him some favors’ for his business. Helplessly in love as I was, I did not question much and helped him. Little did I know, I was about to get swindled. I lost a lot of money and to make things worst, the money I got for him was borrowed from a money lender. He promised to pay every single cent I borrowed, and I trusted him. It had been more than a year now, I had been paying the interest of the money I loaned and it took all of my hard earned salary. I had not heard from him since December and he just left. I was so heart broken and my life turned into a great nightmare. I have no money to pay for anything, my car, and my bills. I was literally bankrupt. This was all due to the man whom I thought I could trust. I never felt so betrayed in my life, I never felt so foolish. Just because I fell in love with the wrong man and my life now turned upside down. Life is very hard for me now. I can't even afford to buy decent food. At 33, I thought my life should be toward the better, but I was wrong. Somehow, my life is going through a terrible test. I had been keeping this in my heart and been crying a lot. Each day, I asked God, why me? But I know, there is worst scenario than mine and somehow, I am glad I am strong enough to go through it. Oh yeah, I am threading the huge waves now and to be honest, I don't know till when can I keep myself from drowning.
I am writing this to give precautions to anyone out there. Be careful. Sometimes, there are people who care less about our life and they just want to crush it to pieces.
I am still alone now, and to be honest, am afraid to start any relationship as I am having such great problems in my life now. I just don't think there would be anyone who wanted to be involved with a troubled woman like me. Anyway, I am feeling so relieved, for being able to get this out of my chest.
Snoopy_q has written that:
Internet LOVE is real in the sense that you probably do love that person. What is NOT real is the PERSON that you are in love with. You are only seeing sides of that person that they are choosing to share with you. You can not truly know someone that you have never been in the presence of, and therefore your love is based on limited knowledge of this person.

I do think that it is like a habit. I think that these types of relationships are great for filling voids in our lives. But the longer you are involved in a long distance relationship that will never come to fruition, the less chance you have to actually meet a real life companion. Better to keep online relationships as a friendship and encourage each other to get out and meet people.

You need to be realistic. The only way it can possibly work out is if you can be together. You can't sustain a long distance online relationship for the rest of your life
The above was the three different reviews about love on keyboard!
Jhoodice said that don’t look for love and believe her that your love will fall in your lap. Not a bad thing love is not a thing that you can produce it by your self. They say it’s a God gift for people. According to me and my last post that is not true God give to those who care and struggle for themselves and for others. To be very honest you can create affection by your struggle to any one. That I told in my last article about affection that is first stage of love according to me.
Jace_st experience is very horrible she is not in favor of internet love and she experienced it before that it only bring upsets in live and she is still alone. She believes that if there is some thing like that then she must not be alone. She stops one to don’t fall in it. Snoopy_q say that you probably do love that person. He is in favor of that kind of love, but he is not sure for that because his word “probably” gives impression of negativity that some where hides behind his keyboard typing.  He further stated that you love but he also mentioned that you don’t love the other person, so to whom you love? He tried to justify his word by saying that you love the side of person to whom you know mean that the side which he shows you. So that really important that to know what he is showing you and that is not an easy job. He said that that long distance relationship has very less chances to meet in real. This is may be because of the fact that hundred of obstacles are there in the way. He advised you that love only if you seem that you can meet in real.
So the three different views didn’t support the type of love that is internet love. We don’t find any proper justification of that kind of love. There are a lot of ambiguities about what they said. We don’t know that to whom we are talking and which side of his life he is showing us. That is the real problem. Expressions speak louder then words. That quotation is exactly what is missing. The expressions are only thing missing in that kind of love. You don’t see what other one is expressing while he is typing.
You will found thousand of scam love stories on net. Nothing exists, there in multiple stories of those types. Most of these stories have nothing but the bad memories. You will found promises and promises but nothing of actions. Still there is an important factor exist that is called affection. Affection can be created behind the screen. That is the only reason of some successful stories of that kind of love. If real true affection created and struggle included then it may possible that you achieve that love. Otherwise no one can guarantee you that you will not hurt.
In this fast moving world internet socialization is not a bad thing. Every one doesn’t have time for real activities that is the strongest argument I found I found in support of that kind of activities. That doesn’t justify the love of internet. Must consider saying of Jhoodice “Stop seeking LOVE on the internet, seek friendship, guidance/advice, these are the tools you will need to reset your LIFE”. So go for socialization not for most important decision of your life that crushes your heart and your feelings. Be realistic and don’t run behind the thing which have only very little chances of occurrence.  Men are not a machine so try to find out time for yourself from your life. Live in real world of feeling. Don’t make yourself a machine of work.

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